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Exciting News for NRG... and YOU!

We have some exciting news for NRG Homes, as well as all of our clients and our future clients! We would like to welcome Shannon's wife, Tonya, to the team as our Interior Designer! Most companies would charge extra for this service, but this comes as part of the package when you build a custom home with NRG. It can be very overwhelming to design and build your own home... and then there is putting stuff in it! Lighting options, tile, carpet, sink fixtures, drawer handles... you name it - it is just another decision that you have to make. Tonya is wonderful at what she does, and will help you make your dreams a reality! She has an amazing eye for detail and design (as you can tell from her work thus far in our homes)!

Come out to the parade this weekend and see our home (Parade Home #53 at 605 Piping Rock in Grand Prairie Estates) and meet her and see her latest work in this home.

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