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This stunning, modern home custom built in 2022. It boasts approximately 6000 sqft, an enormous, modern back porch, cozy wood beams and an amazingly functional kitchen space with a massive island. There is so much to love about this home. Click HERE for ALL the photos!

Why NRG Homes?



NRG Homes builds "smart" homes to fit your needs. Each home we build is custom made for our clients. All of our homes are built with quality materials and experienced contractors to ensure your home is built to the clients standards and meet today's technological demands. We have built many homes for happy clients in the past years. Our team of construction managers at NRG Homes has experience in both commercial and residential building which brings an added advantage to our clients. You will have a construction manager overseeing your project daily and a direct contact point for all your questions. We strive to make the home building process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for the homeowner.

NRG Homes Sioux Falls


We know you have been planning your dream home for years... so why not let us take those plans and make them a reality! We can take the ideas you have been dreaming of and turn them into a 3D design that will allow you to see your new home come to life. You will be in full control of selecting your layout, square footage, colors, amenities, flooring, cabinetry, appliances and anything else you would like. We have educated staff on hand to help in those decision making processes as well.




No matter how big or small the home, it is all in the details. NRG Homes can help you out as much or as little as you would like when you are picking out the finishes of your home. From everything from garage doors to paint colors, to cabinets and tile, we can help you select designer finishes that will stay in budget and give you the look and feel your have been dreaming of for your new home. Home building can be an overwhelming process without professional assistance. We want you to enjoy the process every step of the way and feel confident you are making the right decisions.


Shannon & Tonya,


We want to thank you for the tremendous job you did for us with our new home. This goes well beyond the unique design and careful construction process which you Shannon, guided seamlessly and professionally through a challenging time in our world. It includes the enormous and creative assistance that you Tonya, brought to the process of taking that design, refining it and arranging decor that enhanced everything, turning a great house into our special home. 


Every building project meets challenges along the way and you guys met and addresses each circumstance in a way that made our experience with the project so enjoyable. After completion, you’ve stayed engaged, every bit as much as when the project was underway, to assure that follow up items were addresses and completed to our, and your satisfaction. We are so impressed by this commitment. Thank you!


We’ll enjoy our beautiful and comfortable new home for years to come and we owe that privilege to the commitment you both demonstrated, from start to finish.


Thanks to each of you, and to NRG Homes. We not only built a wonderful new home, we built an equally important friendship.



Steve & Alli Garry




Shannon Grismer


Tel: 605.366.5298


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200 N. Ebenezer Avenue

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

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